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Yusen Logistics Named 2014 OCM Partner of the Year by Walmart Mexico

For the third year in a row, Yusen Logistics has been recognized as the Ocean Consolidation Management (OCM) Partner of the Year by Walmart México y Centroamerica.

Jordan Dewart, Yusen Logistics’ Vice President, Mexico, accepted the award at Walmart’s Annual Carrier Conference for Latin America, which was held in Mexico City earlier this month.

“We take pride in receiving this prestigious recognition from Walmart,” says Dewart. “We strive to exceed Walmart’s expectations on a daily basis. This achievement could not have been realized without the hard work and dedication of the entire team at Yusen Logistics.”

“We always want to surprise our customers with goods that add differentiation and value to their shopping experience. Having partners like Yusen Logistics allows us to ensure that we have the goods we want to offer our customers on time and at the lowest cost possible,” says Antonio Ocaranza, Director of Corporate Communication at Walmart de México y Centroamerica.

The OCM Partner of the Year award is based on key performance indicators, including accuracy of data transmission, on site personnel excellence, origin country responsiveness, peak season performance and innovation. Yusen Logistics has been partnering with Walmart México y Centroamerica for five years, providing warehousing, consolidation and origin cargo management services.

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