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Kimberly-Clark Appoints Yusen Logistics for Daily Deliveries from Europe to Russia and Ukraine

Yusen Logistics Russia has been appointed by Kimberly-Clark Corp. to provide a full trailer load delivery service from Europe to Russia of both raw materials and finished goods.

This new business represents a first step in the development of the relationship between Kimberly-Clark and Yusen Logistics in Europe and Russia, providing a daily service for the delivery of raw materials and finished goods.

The deliveries are arranged from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, the UK and Poland destined for Kimberly-Clark warehouses in the Russian Federation.

Sergey Khorunzhyi, MEA Regional Procurement Manager, Kimberly-Clark commented: “We appreciate your high level of interest in Kimberly-Clark’s business and the effort that you have put to provide us with your best offer. We would like to congratulate you that you have been awarded as a first place carrier for lanes into Russia.”

Elena Zharova of Yusen Logistics added: “Yusen Logistics Russia is delighted about the award of this business with Kimberly-Clark that will help us to build long-term relationships between our companies as well as further development of more business opportunities in other supply chain areas.”

Photo: Yusen Logistics’ Elena Zharova.

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