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Yusen Logistics (Americas) Named a Green Supply Chain Partner by Inbound Logistics

Secaucus, NJ: Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc., a leading global third-party logistics provider, has been named to Inbound Logistics’ 2014 Green Supply Chain Partners list. The company received the recognition for a warehouse lighting retrofit that resulted in reduced energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.

“We are truly honored to be recognized by Inbound Logistics,” says Dale A. Todaro, Vice President, General Administration, Yusen Logistics. “As a company that supports ISO 14001 environmental management standards, we are committed to reducing environmental impact by efficiently using resources, saving energy and reducing waste by minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases, ozone-depleting substances and toxic matter.”

Each year, Inbound Logistics recognizes the top 75 green supply chain partners as determined by the magazine’s editorial staff. “The G75 list represents 75 visionaries who have demonstrated a long-standing history of driving efficiencies in their customers' operations and an internal commitment to be as lean and green as possible,” says Felicia Stratton, editor of Inbound Logistics. “Inbound Logistics is proud to honor Yusen Logistics among this important group of industry-changing leaders.”

Inbound Logistics’ selection process considers a company’s involvement in participation in public-private partnerships, corporate sustainability initiatives and collaborative customer-driven projects. Benchmarks include measurable green results, sustainability innovation and continuous improvement.

Yusen Logistics was chosen for installing a SmartWatt Energy lighting system in its 225,000-square-foot warehouse in Port Murray, NJ. The company replaced more than 300 lamps with energy-efficient T5 and T8 lamps combined with electronic ballasts and sensors to generate significant energy and maintenance cost savings. The system is also providing a safer work environment by providing a uniform lighting level in all areas of the warehouse.

Yusen Logistics expects an 81.7 percent reduction in total annual lighting costs, including a power savings consumption of 83 percent compared to the previous year. In addition, the system will eliminate 762,678 pounds of carbon dioxide each year – the equivalent of planting 110 acres of trees.

“In addition to the lighting system, we have a solar power generator at this facility, which generates approximately 650,000 kWh of electricity a year,” says Todaro. “We will continue to explore energy-saving opportunities at our other facilities.”

Inbound Logistics' 75 Green Supply Chain Partners highlights sustainability leaders in the logistics and transportation sector. The selection process considers a company's involvement in three areas: participation in public-private partnerships; corporate sustainability initiatives; and collaborative customer-driven projects. Within this context, four benchmarks carry weight in IL’s decision-making: measurable green results,sustainability innovation, continuous improvement, and industry recognition. As part of their due diligence, IL editors solicited more than 200 transportation and logistics companies to complete a questionnaire specifying their sustainability investments and commitment. The editors also conducted their own research, online and over the phone.

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