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Yusen Logistics Extends Relationship with Ford with Major LTL Win for Central Europe

Yusen Logistics has extended its long-term working relationship with Ford of Europe’s Material Planning and Logistics (MP&L) function by securing a major contract for multiple-geography less-than-truck-load collections in Central Europe.

Yusen Logistics began working with Ford in 2006, when it was chosen to operate Ford’s Origin Distribution Center (ODC) or cross-dock in Prague serving its European production plants with consolidated full loads of automotive parts originating in Central Europe. In 2010, Ford opened its second ODC in Budapest and this is also operated by Yusen Logistics.

In a multi-year contract, Yusen Logistics now collects production parts and delivers reusable packaging from its ODC locations to more than 240 suppliers spanning southern Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

John Mitchell, Head of the Automotive Vertical for Yusen Logistics Europe commented: “We are delighted with the award and the opportunity it provides to add value to Ford’s supply chain. The award strengthens our automotive network in the region which can only be positive for customers, their suppliers and our suppliers alike.”

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