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Yusen Logistics Continues its Expansion in Vietnam with New Warehouse in Hai Phong City

Yusen Logistics (Vietnam) Co. Ltd. (YL-VN) continues its expansion in Vietnam with a new warehouse in Hai Phong City, northern Vietnam.

The Yusen Logistics facility is the only multi-purpose warehouse complex in Hai Phong and it will provide support for companies expanding in the region.

YL-VN has established a logistics campus on a 1,076,391-square-foot plot in Hai Phong’s Dinh Vu Industrial Zone. The campus comprises a 129,166-square-foot warehouse, a 256,934-square-foot empty container depot with storage capacity for 3,000 TEUs and a vehicle yard. YL-VN’s former Hai Phong Port offices have been relocated to the campus, bringing together Customs clearance, NVOCC and sales functions into a single location, enabling YL-VN to provide comprehensive one-stop supply chain solutions.

Hai Phong boasts a plentiful labor force and infrastructure developments such as the industrial complex and a motorway network are being rapidly implemented. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of Japanese corporations involved in electronics, electrical products, automobiles and chemicals expanding into local markets.

Dinh Vu Industrial Zone occupies a key strategic position for international logistics, located adjacent to Hai Phong Port and in close proximity to the Lach Huyen Port development. In order to expand its base in Hai Phong - where demand for logistics is forecast to continue to grow in future - YL-VN has established a new warehouse in the industrial zone.

This new facility offers general warehousing, bonded warehousing and container freight station (CFS) warehousing. The only multi-purpose warehouse in Hai Phong, it can fulfil customers’ wide-ranging logistics requirements, including imports of raw materials and parts, shipping of finished goods and buyers’ consolidation. There is space to park 100 trucks and the warehouse will provide a range of collection and delivery services, such as the transportation of containers arriving at and departing Hai Phong Port. The on-site empty container depot is equipped with cleaning and maintenance facilities, ensuring that YL-VN can provide its customers with high-quality containers.

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