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Yusen Logistics (Americas) Offers Short Haul Intermodal Service

Secaucus, NJ:
Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc., a global third-party logistics provider, is expanding its Short Haul Intermodal Service. The service is available for moving commodities within the Eastern U.S. distribution network.

Faced with higher fuel charges, driver shortages and increased road congestion, shippers are looking for an alternative to traditional over-the-road (OTR) service. Short haul intermodal movements (less than 550 miles) addresses these concerns, offering the economies of rail with the flexibility of OTR options. By utilizing the intermodal network for shorter hauls, shippers can reduce transportation costs by 10 percent to 15 percent.

Leveraging its strong relationships with its rail, truck and dray partners, Yusen Logistics’ Short Haul Intermodal Service can be tailored to meet shipper’s needs. Product can move East and West as well as North and South. Typical lanes include Atlanta to Baltimore and New Jersey; Chicago to Orlando, FL; Memphis, TN to New Jersey; Cleveland, OH to Boston, MA; Newark, NJ to Columbus, OH; and Atlanta to Jacksonville, FL and Orlando, FL.

“Compared to traditional trucking options, today’s enhanced intermodal services provide consistent and competitive transit times at reduced costs,” says Brian Paolillo, Regional Sales Director, Transportation for Yusen Logistics. “Plus it offers a cleaner environmental footprint. For shippers moving product within states east of the Mississippi, our Short Haul Intermodal Service offers a flexible and cost-effective solution.”

Advantages of short haul intermodal include:

  • Lowered costs (typically 10 percent to 15 percent of savings vs OTR);
  • Multiple box options;
  • Set transit schedules for predictable planning;
  • Environmentally friendlier than traditional trucking.

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