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Yusen Logistics Expands in China with new Warehouse

Yusen Logistics China (YL-CN) announces further expansion of its services in China with the opening of a warehouse in Guangzhou, the capital and largest city of Guangdong province in South China.

The 172,448-square-foot warehouse, which opened in early autumn, will strengthen Yusen Logistics’ presence in the region by providing logistics services for the consumer goods industry. The company currently has a number of automotive-related customers in the area, but is anticipating significant growth in demand from the consumer goods market for warehouse services in China.

Guangzhou has experienced economic development by taking advantage of its prime location as a hub for regional logistics, having excellent access to areas in and outside the province. Yusen Logistics’ new warehouse is located 9 miles from the port and 25 miles from the airport. To improve operational efficiency and enhance service quality and products, the company recently consolidated two warehouses in the area into one facility. Integrated with this facility, the company operates 206,354-square-feet of warehouse space in the region.

Using its just-in-time transportation and know-how for the automotive industry, Yusen Logistics plans to provide efficient handling and collection and delivery services by taking advantage of economies of scale, as well as expand delivery to retailer’s nationwide, delivering apparel, home appliances and more. In addition, the company can provide high quality value-added services such as temperature-controlled storage and delivery.

Services at the new warehouse include sorting, labeling, packing and inspection without dangerous goods. In addition to automotive companies, current customers include cosmetic, wine and apparel companies.

Photo caption: Yusen Logistics China opens a warehouse in Guangzhou, China.

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