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New 40,000 m2 Warehouse Opened in Thailand

Yusen Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.(President : Hiroshi Maniwa) established its third warehouse at the Yusen Laem Chabang Logistics Center, at Laem Chabang in Thailand, and commenced operations on July 29. As a result, the Company’s total warehousing space in Thailand exceeds 200,000 m2 and becomes the largest distribution center in Southeast Asia as Malaysia.

Laem Chabang is approximately 100 km southeast of Bangkok, the capital in Thailand, where many auto manufacturers and affiliated component manufacturers locate.

The Company has been providing logistics services to the auto industry by using its existing approximately 50,000 m2 warehouse in Laem Chabang. To meet the rising demand for logistics and increasingly diversified needs of customers in Thailand, it has now established a new warehouse in the area near the existing one.

This new warehouse is comprised of a group of multifunctional warehouses with a total of four buildings. These include a general warehouse with space of around 20,000 m2, a GMP warehouse(*1) that can handle chemical, pharmaceutical and other products, a steel warehouse with high load resistance capable of handling steel used for automobiles, and a hazardous product warehouse specializing in handling a range of such products. These are state-of-the-art warehouses that by offering high added value are capable of meeting customers’ needs that are becoming more diversified and sophisticated.

The Company has already begun construction on a new 30,000 m2 warehouse in Laem Chabang, the fourth warehouse there. Including land that has been newly acquired, the Company will in 2015 manage a total warehousing space of more than 300,000 m2 in Thailand.

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