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SMR Mirrors Chose Yusen Logistics Tamworth for Sub Assembly

Yusen Logistics has been awarded a contract with SMR Automotive Mirrors UK Ltd, the Portchester based supplier of door mirrors for the Jaguar XK and new F-Type.

SMR was looking for a tailored sub assembly and sequence picking service, with delivery into plant on a just-in-time basis.

The operation involves the collection of product from the SMR manufacturing facility and quality inspection upon receipt of these easily damaged products, prior to linefeed preparation. The sequencing operation is complex with a high number of variants of door mirrors and colour coded scalps. Further to assembly, product is then packaged and labelled prior to delivery to plant on dedicated transport twice daily.

Returnable packaging is laundered for re-use and returned to the manufacturer.

Complete IT visibility was an essential feature for SMR, with the Yusen Logistics system providing stock traceability and alert messaging in real time for the sequence picking and dispatch operation.

The operation is based at Yusen Logistics’ Tamworth automotive centre. Adjacent to the M42, the 81,000 sq ft site is strategically located to serve major automotive manufacturers with assembly facilities in the Midlands. The facility is supported by Yusen Logistics' forwarding control tower operations, with volumes arriving by air, sea and road.

The Tamworth operation was developed further to requests from first and second tier suppliers for decanting, crossdocking, stockholding and sequencing operations in readiness for line-feed into the assembly process on a just-in-time basis.

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