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Press Release: Yusen Logistics Launches in Germany- Completes European Integration

Yusen Logistics launches in Germany on 1st October 2011, uniting NYK Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH and Yusen Air & Sea Service (YAS) into a new comprehensive logistics provider.

The merger of NYK Logistics and YAS in Germany is the final phase of the two companies' integration throughout Europe, which began with Poland and Hungary at the start of 2011. In April the integration took place in Russia, Spain, Benelux, the Czech Republic, Italy and the UK before continuing in France the following month. By merging NYK Logistics' international logistics network with YAS' well-established air-freight business, Yusen Logistics provides a "one-stop shop" that offers total visibility of all stages of the supply chain. As such, the company provides warehousing, distribution, air/ocean freight forwarding and supply chain management in one competitive package.

Alex Okamoto, Managing Director, Yusen Logistics Europe, said: "We are absolutely delighted to launch Yusen Logistics in this fundamentally important market. It is also incredibly exciting to see our company now fully launched in Europe. Providing value-added services beyond the capabilities of other logistics providers, and with our primary responsibility always to the requirements of our customers, we are confident that Yusen Logistics will be a major player in the European logistics market."

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