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Celia Miller, Executive Assistant, Warehouse

I truly enjoy my role as an Executive Administrative Assistant with Yusen Logistics because it allows me to perform many varied duties such as: office management, event planning, and P&L reporting, just to name a few. I often tell people that my job is to do whatever it takes to make my boss’s job easier and to support the team. My job is never boring and my duties vary every day.

A successful career in administration requires great organizational skills, analytical thinking, resourcefulness, multitasking, time management and expertise in office systems, specifically Microsoft Office Suite. Integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality is a must in this role. Education is the key to advancing from Administrative Assistant to Executive Administrative Assistant. I love my job and a big part of my enjoyment is the wonderful team I work with at Yusen Logistics. Everyone I have interacted with at Yusen Logistics has been extremely friendly and willing to help. We are a true team working towards a common goal.

One of the most impressive things about Yusen Logistics is that they take corporate responsibility seriously. Yusen is involved in many charitable activities and is a proponent of recycling and the green movement. I can honestly say that I have never worked for a more socially conscious company. I am proud to be a Yusen Logistics employee.

Mathew Wilczynski, Branch Manager - Transportation

I am a Branch Manager in Cincinnati, OH for the Transportation Division of Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc. or YLA. I began my role with Yusen back in March 2011 and happy I made the choice to join YLA. I manage one of YLA’s flagship branches.

As a Branch Manager I provide leadership, management, direction and support to the team members at my branch. I love my position at Yusen Logistics and I feel my role is truly an important COG in the wheel. Our leadership team routinely asks for feedback and looks for honest, feedback on how we can improve and I feel the suggestions are taken to heart. One specific example comes to mind from a recent regional meeting we held in Jacksonville. We were given the opportunity to voice areas of improvement to our executive leadership. I was part of key personnel that advised we needed to revamp our training program for new hires. The feedback was well received and we were advised that if we felt the current process was broken, we should fix it and let’s move forward in a stronger position. I became the project manager for the team and we are in the final stages of preparing to roll out a newly redesigned, comprehensive, new hire training program for our division, pretty exciting and cool, right?

It is truly important to align yourself and work for an organization that you feel is more than just a job, but a career. But more than that, the organization needs to possess the same values and cultural fit that matches who you are, your background and experiences. As an added benefit, the people that work at Yusen are truly helpful, courteous and there is an overwhelming atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork.

Kathy Yoshioka, Assistant Branch Manager, Air Freight Division

I have been working with Yusen Logistics (Americas), Inc. in the LAX branch for over 13 years. I am a licensed Customs Broker. I joined Yusen initially as an entry-level billing clerk. As I gained experience and knowledge, I was promoted within the organization; including Air CHB Entry Writer, Assistant Air Import Manager, Air Import Manager, Import Manager for both Import Air and Ocean departments, and Assistant Branch Manager- Operations. I’ve been performing in this position since 2009.

The LAX branch is the 2nd largest branch in the US. I am responsible for the overall operations of the Branch, which includes the following departments- Import, Export, Warehouse, and Accounting. YLA is an extremely stable company offering competitive salaries and benefits. When you are employed by YLA you are part of a team.

The best part about my job is the employees. I take great pride in the staff at LAX as everyone works very hard in order to do their best. I could not succeed at my job without the support of Manager/Supervisors who want to achieve the same goals. My management philosophy is to lead by positive reinforcement and give my team the support and tools they need to be successful.

The logistics industry is an excellent career choice with steady growth projected well into the future. As a service provider, YLA knows that the quality of our people determines the quality of our product. I have been able to grow personally and professionally and make a positive impact on the company. YLA appreciates and recognizes the hard work of their staff and looks to promote from within. This is not the case at all companies.

Dinah Allison, Director of Support Services, IT

I have worked at Yusen Logistics for 6 years, working in various Project Management, Business Continuity, Customer Implementation, and Process Management roles. I am currently the Director of IT Support Services.

I manage teams in Tennessee and California who are responsible for supporting more than 1,500 employees in the use of more than 80 applications, 1,800 PC’s and 700 mobile devices. On any given day, you might find our Support team members answering a 24/7/365 Support line; triaging and routing tickets; restoring service by rebooting servers, restarting services, correcting data, or repairing hardware; monitoring and reacting to alerts; managing Emergency issue escalation and bridge calls; creating reports or implementing customers on EDI; managing the Change process; performing JSOX audit functions; building PC’s; or performing a number of other Support activities.

Yusen Logistics is a very special place to work. Over the last 6 years, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most dedicated IT team members you can imagine. Our team is large enough that we get to work with some leading edge technologies but small enough that we know each other, and we have a handle on every project in the company. Our team has the freedom to suggest improvements, talk with any level of management in the company, and do what it takes to meet customer needs.

Yusen Logistics is a place where innovation, creativity and process improvement are not just words but are actions that are lived and celebrated every day. I have a tangible feeling that my efforts and actions have a positive impact on the end customer. Tickets aren’t just problems to be crossed off of a to-do list; they are freight that needs to make it to a customer’s store before the holiday season, information needed for goods to clear Customs in a timely manner, or reports that a customer needs to manage his supply chain.

To me, those are things that make a job fun and rewarding - and that’s what I like about working in IT at Yusen Logistics.

Roseann Reece, Primary Accounts - OCM

I have been with Yusen Logistics for thirteen years and have held positions in Operations and Client Management. I was key in establishing our America's Hub operations and I am currently the Manager of Primary Accounts within the OCM Division. My responsibilities include overseeing the growth and development of a team of Specialists who manage a diverse group of customers ranging from apparel to medical supplies; from footwear to furniture; and from sporting goods to pet supplies within our core business sectors in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

The Primary Account team collectively has a broad spectrum of knowledge with backgrounds in retail, freight forwarding, transportation, logistics, marine terminal operations, and import/export operations. Our focus is client centric operational management, including origin consolidation, purchase order management, vendor management, carrier management, destination delivery management, compliance and global SOP development and maintenance.

Yusen Logistics is a multicultural organization bringing diversity amongst its customers and staff, while fostering global relationships and encouraging education and growth. Pursuing a career with Yusen can offer endless opportunities in global logistics and supply chain management disciplines such as origin cargo management, airfreight forwarding, ocean freight forwarding, warehousing operations, transportation, customs brokerage, manufacturing, inventory control, and procurement just to name a few. It has been my personal experience that once you join Yusen Logistics there is no need to look any further as there is an abundance of opportunities within the organization.

I am proud to be a part of the Yusen Logistics family, working within the OCM Division.

Vicky Jordan, Regional Sales Manager, Air Freight Division

My name is Vicki Jordan and I am the South Central Regional Sales Manager for Yusen logistics. I have worked with the company for over three years and have truly enjoyed my time at Yusen. My responsibilities include securing new business in my six state territory, along with maintaining current customers and addressing their various needs.

I began working in the industry about twenty years ago and have worked for various major Freight Forwarding companies, but my time here at Yusen has been the most rewarding. What I enjoy most about working here at Yusen are my fellow co-workers. From upper level management to the desk level employees, Yusen has truly found a way to attract and retain some of the nicest and hardworking people in the industry. The working environment is like none other. I am proud to represent a company that not only cares about its customers enough to offer top notch service, but also cares about its employees. I also appreciate the opportunity the company has given me to travel abroad to places I probably would not consider visiting on my own.

Anyone who is considering making a career move should consider available opportunities with Yusen Logistics. I highly recommend Yusen. My only regret is that Yusen did not find me twenty years ago.

I am proud to be a part of the Yusen Logistics family, working within the OCM Division.

Thomas Lewis, Vice President of Legal & Compliance Officer

My name is Tom Lewis and I am the Vice President of the Legal Department and a Compliance Officer at Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc. I am located in Yusen Logistics’ Memphis, Tennessee office and have been with the company since September 2007. I have been an attorney for almost 30 years.

At Yusen Logistics, I manage the Legal Department and am responsible for the legal affairs of the company. My duties generally involve providing legal advice to the company’s officers regarding a variety of business and legal matters. On any given day, I might be involved with reviewing a contract, dealing with a governmental regulatory agency, or ensuring that the company is compliant with a broad array of federal and state statutes, regulations and court decisions which directly impact Yusen’s business in the transportation logistics industry.

One of the most exciting aspects of work in this company is that Yusen’s business operations are truly global and occur at all hours on every day of the year. In this kind of business environment, I find that every day is fast paced and brings a new set of challenges, so life never becomes dull.

Our company’s good name and reputation for ethical behavior are of critical importance to us and we take pride in being part of a corporate group which is routinely recognized as one of the world’s most ethical companies. That strong commitment is pervasive throughout our organizational culture and is essential to establishing trust and sustainable business relationships with customers and business partners all over the world.

Ana Bunker, Manager, Import

As the import manager of the customs brokerage and airfreight departments, I am kept very busy and continuously challenged in a very exciting, fast-paced and ever changing international trade environment. The job is quite complex, generally requiring a college degree in business and related fields as well as a license issued by US Customs and Border Protection.

Our team of 15 employees acts as agents for importers by clearing cargo through Customs and various other government agencies as well as arranging delivery of goods to their final destination. I am constantly impressed by my teams’ commitment to our customers when I see them going above and beyond to resolve problems and provide effective solutions. Their teamwork is wonderful; never hesitating to help colleagues who are in need.

This is definitely not a career for the faint hearted as employees have to work to tight deadlines; have a good understanding of US law over a broad spectrum of industries and agencies; be accurate while providing an excellent service to our customers and being able to effectively communicate with culturally diverse people from various businesses and organizations. Given that, no-one feels alone as there is constant support by others in the team. However, regardless of how busy we are, there is always someone who is willing to help when things become overwhelming or when one simply does not know the answer to a problem.

In addition, I am very proud to work for a company that strives to be ethically and environmentally responsible. It has, for several years, been designated as one the world’s most ethical companies as well as being voted as one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

AnnaMarie Rallo, , HR Generalist

As a Human Resources Generalist at Yusen Logistics, I certainly see the importance in my role within the organization. In our business we often assist business leaders succeed by identifying, hiring and retaining great talent. It truly is a rewarding feeling to work for a company that demonstrates excellent leadership, practices, and of course, one that has career growth. I have definitely found the passion to help others in their career and development, and commit to the core culture of the company.

Since I have joined the team in 2009, I have seen many changes to help support the organization’s personal development. One thing I truly admire about my department is that Human Resources always seek for improvement. The Human Resources team is always one step ahead of thinking of new ideas and projects to help us better our practices.

The Human Resources department truly demonstrates teamwork, which in my eyes is an important factor to have in an organization. I certainly take pride working for my Human Resources department and feel extremely fortunate to be a part of a great organization. It’s incredibly fortunate to find a career doing what I absolutely love. I absolutely enjoy the challenges that are given and look forward to growing strong with Yusen Logistics.

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