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Our Company Culture

Yusen Logistics lives by its corporate values of Kaizen and Integrity, Innovation, and Intensity.

Kaizen is a Japanese term that explains continuous improvement by making incremental changes to the process, no matter how small.

The ‘3I’s’ encapsulate our approach to our daily work, and are promoted across the business at all levels.

Integrity – Be respectful and considerate to our customers and colleagues. Stay warm, cordial courteous and caring.

Innovation – Continually think of new ideas for improvement, even when conditions appear satisfactory. Remain open to betterment.

Intensity – Carry through with and accomplish your tasks. Never give up. Overcome challenges. Remain motivated.

Being Part of the Team

Working at Yusen Logistics is about being a part of a team of professionals who are passionate about delivering on our promises to our customers. And this doesn’t just go for the people you meet in your office.

The Yusen Logistics team is global, and the work we do spans continents. Across oceans and seas, our people come together to build solutions that drive global growth. Building this global team environment is part of the NYK Group’s core philosophy, and part of what makes our teams better than the rest.

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