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+ Transloading


The ability to adjust supply to demand at vessel ETA rather than at origin results in reduced Supply Chain Costs and improved Customer Service. With Yusen Logstics' transload program, you can be sure that you get the right amount, of the right product, in the right place, first time.

Providing services for some of the world's largest companies, Yusen Logistics has the experience and knowledge to add innovation to your supply chain.

  1. Supported Larger Containers/Better Fill Rate
  2. Lower Shipping Costs
  3. Improved Utilization of DC with minimal DC/DC transfers
  4. Reduced Yard Costs
  5. 53' Trailers instead of 40' Containers improves utilization
  6. Less Safety Stock reduces warehousing cost
phone: 800-414-3895
  1. Reduced supply chain cost
  2. Customer service improvements
  3. An experienced team


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