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Inventory Planning & Control

Cost Savings Meets Operational Efficiency

Inventory is one of the largest cost components of any supply chain. Inventory costs are largely determined by how a company's supply and distribution network is configured, where it positions its inventory and what inventory stocking strategies it has implemented.

In today's dynamic and demand-constrained economy, companies can improve service while lowering their cost structure and fundamentally improve the operational process capability of their supply chains, through optimization of inventory strategies and adoption of best practices.

  1. Assess inventory management practices
  2. Improve forecasting accuracy
  3. Create more logical stocking (and non-stock!) policies
  4. Manage cycle stock to reduce costs
  5. Establish dynamic safety stock levels based on client service
  6. Cross-dock, cycle count, transfer, and discontinue SKUs effectively
  7. Reduce purchase transaction and manufacturing set-up/changeover costs
  8. Continuously improve inventory performance
  1. Smart inventory analysis
  2. A more efficient supply chain
  3. Operational enhancements
  4. Better stock solutions


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