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Project Cargo

Putting End-to-End Insight to Work

Yusen Logistics' Project Team provides logistic solutions to facilitate the global shipment of challenging commodities. Marrying a complete supply chain perspective with a history of innovation, our project cargo experience is your advantage. With a vast network of Ocean, Rail, Truckload, Barge, Air, and On-Site Capabilities, we meet your most time-critical needs on time and on budget.

Our experience and knowledge empowers end-to-end management of any and all shipments. Bring us your greatest challenge – we're here to help.
  1. Strategic relationships with a vast database of heavy-lift ocean carriers and specialized equipment providers
  2. Customized solutions via our global network and on-site capabilities
  3. Highly skilled customer service with 24/7 support, tracking, tracing and reporting
  4. On-time deliveries with zero damage to freight
phone: 866.383.9873
  1. Supply-chain innovation
  2. Deep shipping relationships
  3. Creative shipping solutions
  4. Improved customer profitability
  5. Cost-effective execution
  6. Reduced customer stress
  7. Real-time feedback


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