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Less-than-Truck Load (LTL)

Finding Savings in Your Transportation Patterns

Managing your loads through our LTL service is the perfect way to optimize your domestic supply chain. Yusen Logistics offers co-load and consolidation LTL services to reduce your cost and improve your distribution pipeline.

LTL Shipping at a Glance

Bringing experience, creativity and insight to your less-than-truckload shipping challenges, we step in to coordinate and add value at every turn. We don't just optimize existing information-technology systems; we raise the bar by creating new, innovative systems that support your requirements and provide the most accurate freight shipping information available.

  1. Seamless account management
  2. Full LTL service to Canada and Mexico
  3. Spot rates
  4. Invoice auditing
  5. Comprehensive reporting
  6. Online rating
  7. Expedited service available
  8. Customized customer portals
phone: 866.383.9873
  1. National and international LTL coverage
  2. Savings you can share
  3. Daily contact and alerts
  4. Real-time visibility
  5. Reduced warehousing pressure
  6. No-hassle freight bill auditing
  7. On-time delivery without extra cost
  8. Immediate delay notices


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