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The Commitment You Need, When You Need It

Yusen Logistics is committed to helping our customers maximize their use of intermodal services across all markets in North America. With direct access to the largest container fleet in the industry and years of expertise in door-to-door delivery, we provide you the capacity and service you need when you need it, no matter how unique your shipment is. Our job is to find a solution tailored specifically to your needs. We offer:

  1. Container Capacity Committed to Your Network
  2. Integrated Intermodal Service Across All North American Rail Providers
  3. Service in the most truck competitive rail lanes – ranging between 500-3500 miles
  4. Multiple box size offerings – 20’, 40’, 45’, 48’ and 53’ Containers Available
  5. Full service Canada-Mexico rail intermodal logistics
  6. Integrated systems visibility across all your Yusen transportation modes
phone: 866.383.9873
  1. Innovative solutions to tough challenges
  2. A full range of intermodal services
  3. Network and capacity optimization
  4. Strong carrier relationships
  5. Competitive pricing
  6. Rapid routing development


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