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+ Customs House    Brokerage

  1. All of your customs brokerage needs in one place
  2. Reduce filing and misclassification errors
  3. Reduce time spent in customs waiting for clearance
  4. Elimination of excessive costs due to errors

Customs House Brokerage (CHB)

What procedures do I have to follow to import or export goods?
How can I expedite the customs clearance of my cargo?
What happens if my goods are not filed correctly?

Chances are you can't answer those questions on your own. Customs brokerage has become an increasingly important part of the supply chain. That's why it's more important than ever to partner with a company that knows the ins and outs of the customs process.

Yusen Logistics has the answers. We understand these challenges and deliver customized solutions that ensure your transactions are compliant and confidential. And by combining our Air Freight Forwarding, Origin Cargo Management, Ocean Freight Forwarding or even Cross-Border transportation into Mexico or Canada with our Customs House Brokerage service, we will be able to build the best possible solution tailored to…you.

You can reach us at: if you have any questions.

  • Innovation is The Difference
  • Cross Border Customs House Brokerage
  • Associations
  • Government Agencies

  • Different companies specialize in different areas of customs brokerage. Yusen Logistics has the people and the knowledge in all areas of importing and exporting, making us a one-stop shop when running your import/export program.

    Yusen Logistics offers a portfolio of value-added services designed to streamline your import/export program.

    1. Policy & procedural manuals
    2. Internal Self-Assessment (ISA)
    3. Risk assessment
    4. Trade and customs advisory services
    5. Pre-classification & binding rulings
    6. OGA expertise
    7. Duty drawback
    8. Training workshops
    9. C-TPAT
    10. Customized training to meet your needs
    11. Drawback, post entry, prior disclosure
    12. Global export services

  • I export goods across the southern and northern border. How do I do that?

    Importing and exporting goods across the border presents its own challenges. Yusen Logistics has you covered. We employ a specialized team dedicated to businesses with a cross border import/export program.

      Mexico/U.S. Brokerage Services
    1. Forwarding, document preparation, revision
    2. Entry type changes
    3. Virtual operations
    4. Returned goods
    5. Storage
    6. Freight forwarding
    7. eManifiest filing
    8. Importer security filing, 10 + 2
    9. U.S. customs bonded warehouse in Laredo, TX
    10. Foreign trade zone (FTZ)
    11. Remote location filings
    12. Record keeping
    13. Importer self-assessment, internal controls
    14. Training programs
    15. Proactive program recommendations
    16. Compliance consulting

      Canada/U.S. Brokerage Services
    1. External audit, risk assessment
    2. Pre-classification & advanced rulings
    3. Customized training to meet your needs
    4. Drawback, refund claims
    5. PIP (Partners in Protection)
    6. ISO 9001-2008
    7. TC-CSP (Transport Canada, Cargo Security Program participant)
    8. 24/7 after hours customs clearance


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